Let there be Growth!

Remember those little tomato plants? Well they have gotten pretty big and are bearing fruit! It's been a hard season for growing here in BC. We had weeks of rain (no surprise), and then a very hot and humid month. There are still some weeks left to keep the grown goin!

We are even getting some good peppers growing. Hurray! There is just something so satisfying about growing, anything! 

Second hand beads

A preview of my fun summer Upcycled Project. Click the link at the end of the post to see the process.

I really cannot complain. This summer has been nice. There have been quite a few lazy days. The kids and I have gone on long walks, sat at the coffee shop and just talked, explored local second hand stores and watched then re-watched the Back to the Future Trilogy. We also discovered Perler Beads!! (I call them melty beads) We found a huge bag of them at the second hand store. Now we are addicted:) Here are a few things we made

Of course I had to make something Star Wars themed. 
These are not my original designs. 
I glued old magnets to the back and they now reside on my fridge.
So my daughter wanted me to make her a SMALL cute animal. Well This hamster took me almost 2 hours and it is anything but small. 
My son wanted something made by me as well. He got this `creeper`from Mindcraft.
The pony was my favorite to make. I love the colours:)
My son made these. Both kids love Mindcraft and these are some of the tools.
If you would like to see an Upcycled project I worked on this summer CLICK HERE. If you like cats then you just might like this. I was inspired by a friend who draws cats quite a bit. 
Well only a couple weeks left of summer. Let`s all enjoy it! Next comes Autumn. That is my favorite season. I`m looking forward to wearing all my sweaters and sipping warm coffee.