Time to SHiFT

Welcome, welcome one and all to the beginning.

What is SHiFT?
In a world where everything seems disposable we try to rescue some of those things and make them useful once again. We take things that would normally be sent to a landfill or that would just sit in the back of your closet or a drawer, forgotten because it's 'out of style,' and make them useful

Why do we do this?
Why on earth do we take what most people would throw away and try to think of new ways it could be re worked? 
The short answer is because we LIVE on earth and want it to last a long, long time.
The longer (but not much longer) answer is we feel that if we can use materials in a new way and upcycle "garbage" then we can make a dent in the ever growing pile. Our creativity and imagination can help rid the earth of some trash that fills so many landfills.

What you can expect to find here at the SHiFT blog.
You can follow our upcycling adventures! We will be posting projects that we are working on and there will be some How-To's for you to try upcycling at home. 
There will be posts by different bloggers, artists and crafters who are all working to creativly repurpose rescued materials. 
We will have bi-monthly contests where you can win some great repurposed items!

How can you help?
We are always accepting donations and are looking for the following items
- old typewriters
- floppy disks
- old leather jackets, skirts, bags, pants (pretty much anything leather)
- coffee bags from any roaster
- broken cell phones 

If you live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada we are willing to come and pick up any donations. If you live somewhere else in the world and would like to help us out by sending us items that could be repurposed send us an email.

Thank you for stopping by. Now bookmark us and visit again soon!

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