Sprung, has Spring

I am excited about growing stuff this year. Last year our little family wasn't in the best place for growing plants. I don't mean our physical surroundings but more our state of mind. We were still reeling over our big moves(Manitoba to Cayman to Nova Scotia to B.C). In order for me to be able to take care of plants the way they should be taken care of I need to be somewhat relaxed and comfortable. Well this is a whole new year and I am more than ready to get GROWING!

I found some upside down tomato planters at London Drugs for 4.00! So of course I got two. Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to plant. Those and Chives. I can't tell you how much I love being able to clip my own fresh chives for my guacamole recipe. Cheers to Kelly S for sharing that recipe with me almost 15 years ago. It's been a favorite of my kids for years.

We have a good little balcony and this year I'm using it to its full potential. It doesn't get much sun but I'm hoping the plants will get enough to flourish. I will update photos over the next few months and let you know how it goes! I've been known to kill a few plants in my day. I'm sure this year will be different. I hope.

Did you know?

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I've had a Reddit account for almost 4 months now. I never had anything to post until I got THIS from my boss. If you didn't know I am a pretty major STAR WARS fan so getting THIS was totally awesome.
I'm planning to create an entire photo album with photos of THIS visiting different places and having great adventures. I know that is easier said than done but I'm pretty determined. 

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