Second hand beads

A preview of my fun summer Upcycled Project. Click the link at the end of the post to see the process.

I really cannot complain. This summer has been nice. There have been quite a few lazy days. The kids and I have gone on long walks, sat at the coffee shop and just talked, explored local second hand stores and watched then re-watched the Back to the Future Trilogy. We also discovered Perler Beads!! (I call them melty beads) We found a huge bag of them at the second hand store. Now we are addicted:) Here are a few things we made

Of course I had to make something Star Wars themed. 
These are not my original designs. 
I glued old magnets to the back and they now reside on my fridge.
So my daughter wanted me to make her a SMALL cute animal. Well This hamster took me almost 2 hours and it is anything but small. 
My son wanted something made by me as well. He got this `creeper`from Mindcraft.
The pony was my favorite to make. I love the colours:)
My son made these. Both kids love Mindcraft and these are some of the tools.
If you would like to see an Upcycled project I worked on this summer CLICK HERE. If you like cats then you just might like this. I was inspired by a friend who draws cats quite a bit. 
Well only a couple weeks left of summer. Let`s all enjoy it! Next comes Autumn. That is my favorite season. I`m looking forward to wearing all my sweaters and sipping warm coffee. 

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