Life takes over

There are times in our lives where things happen that we are not expecting. Christmas and the weeks leading up to it are always a busy time. This was very true for me and my family. We had a great holiday season and we were ready to jump into 2012!

On January 15th my niece was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is a bright and active 14 year old (Almost 15!). She has been fighting like a warrior these past few months. This has hit our family hard and we have all been focused on supporting my sister, brother in law and the two kids. You can follow their journey here.

I am jumping back into my sewing and upcycling. This past week I have found it relaxing to make some bags. I thought you might be interested to see my process for creating the large tote bags. In my next post you will see pictures and get some info on the whole process. Check back tomorrow!

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