Time for a change of Pink.... oh I mean Pace.

My daughter is going to a birthday party tomorrow and I of course dreaded buying yet another gift bag or wrapping paper that would conceal the gift beautifully and then in moments be destroyed and thrown in the trash. Eew.
I knew that the girl who is having the party LOVES Barbie. I means she really loves that doll. I forgot that some little girls play with toys like that. My daughter has always been the type to enjoy playing a game of pretend Star Wars or anything to do with animals. She has never been a big fan of dolls. That is until she had a play date at this friends house. She came home with some Barbie clothes and a doll and she was in love:) Well this post really isn't about all that.
We have been saving these juice bags for about a month now. We only needed 12 barbie bags for this project (which I'm calling 'Operation Birthday bag'). For the sides and bottom I used some old Caprisun pouches we have had kickin around for ages.
All right I have to go. It's almost Earth Hour!!! Time to unplug.

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